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First Home Purchase

      The TRUTH you should know before your First Home Purchase.

      Shopping for the right home.


THE TRUTH IS...Regardless of how much time you spend looking for the perfect home, you will never find it.  Even if you build one, you will find out that it is not the perfect one after it is finished.


THE TRUTH IS…The selling side of a transaction pays for your Buyers Agent. But you get to choose who that person is who will guide you through the buying process. A good broker will earn every dime of the commission.  At AREG we are highly trained full time brokers who guide, assist and work behind the scenes every step of the way.


THE TRUTH IS...Technology is so advanced in today's world that there is no home that could not be located through computer searches if know all the places to search and the seller has put it on or authorized it to be put online.


THE TRUTH IS…When you use a Buyer’s agent you are asking to be taken through the whole process… not just find a house.    


THE TRUTH IS…30% of brokers have never held a full time job, and 50% don’t currently work or/and Never have worked full time in Real Estate… As an individual or as a team.  Do you want a broker who does not have the same work ethic as most Americans?


THE TRUTH IS...An experienced real estate broker could save you a lot of headaches and a myriad of different possible problems when dealing with for sale by owner.  If the owner knows too much or too little - you could be in trouble.  The laws have changed a lot in recent years, and both buyer and seller have broader rights and disclosure obligations, which you may not know as a layman.


THE TRUTH IS... The right broker can find the right home for you! 


    Price Shopping and Shopping for the Right Price.


THE TRUTH IS...Shopping for a home based on price alone is wrong.  The right price may not be the right home or even the right area.  A home priced slightly higher than another may end up in a lower final monthly payment.  Amazing!


THE TRUTH IS...Determining the right price for a home is as easy as 1-2-3.  It's almost scientific though it's not.  Just as it takes a C.M.A. (Comparative/Competitive Market Analysis) to establish the right price for a seller, a prudent broker goes through the same process to establish the reasonable price to offer.


THE TRUTH IS...It hurts you more as a buyer when you make ridiculously low offers.  Making an offer is a serious business.  Hence, only serious offers should be made.  Giving the seller your best reasonable offer normally secures the deal at a price lower than if you made a "Lowball" offer in the first place.  Friendly negotiation results in a WIN-WIN situation!


The TRUTHS about Financing Your Home


THE TRUTH IS...Financing your home is probably the most important consideration in your purchase of your next home.  In fact, it spells the difference between buying and staying where you are. 


THE TRUTH IS...The cost of securing a loan is negotiable so we have already negotiated some discounts from our Professional Team.


THE TRUTH IS…Higher loan fees may enable you to get better loan rates in the long run...but not necessarily.


THE TRUTH IS...The seller can pay for part of your closing costs.  Sellers who are willing to make it a part of negotiation sell their homes quicker and for better terms!


The TRUTHS of Selecting a Broker


THE TRUTH IS...Selecting a broker is just as imperative an ingredient as any of the one's we've discussed so far.


THE TRUTH IS...A professional Real Estate Broker who puts his/her clients interest first in mind can simplify the hunting process, negotiate the best terms, arrange for the best financing, and provide for a smooth transaction.


THE TRUTH IS...Honesty, loyalty, and sincerity to your broker begets honest, loyal and sincere treatment.  It seems self-serving to say this, but “do unto other as you would like to be done for you” is core to our values.


THE TRUTH IS...And simply the truth need a good and reliable real estate broker.  After all, you are only making possibly you lifetime's largest investment-an investment in your future.


The TRUTH about Anderson Real Estate Group and their Professional Partners and YOU!


THE TRUTH IS...Their office is set up to achieve the highest efficiency in servicing you.


THE TRUTH IS...They guarantee 100% SATISFACTION when you buy your new home with their exclusive “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT GUARANTEE”.  If you move into your new home, and find that you aren’t absolutely thrilled with, you don’t really love it; Our Team of Pro’s will re-sell it free of charge for up to one year after the close of escrow.


THE TRUTH IS...They negotiate 2 to 3 home sales and purchases every single week. Chances are pretty darn good they know how to negotiate the best deal just for you. If you don't know negotiations, know your negotiators.


THE TRUTH IS...Their TEAM concept consists of Customer Care Professionals, Competitive Lenders, Precise and detailed Escrow Officers, knowledgeable Title Officers, & Transaction Coordinators - all carefully selected and screened to ensure the smoothest and hassle-free transaction for you.


THE TRUTH IS, less than 1% of businesses are certified as Three-Time awardees as One of the best nationally in customer service and volume.  Anderson Real Estate Group is one of the 1% having been ranked 3 years in a row  But nobody ranks higher in their minds than you. Your personal satisfaction is their primary goal.  You deserve the best!







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